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Filtered details of an AMD Ryzen 3000 with 16 cores and 32 threads

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May 10th 2019

Se filtran detalles de un AMD Ryzen 3000 con 16 núcleos y 32 hilos

Filtered details of an AMD Ryzen 3000 with 16 cores and 32 threads
That AMD is going to launch a processor of the 16-core Ryzen 3000 series is almost certain. Yes, as you read it. We all know how this works with leaks, and really until the red one has not made it official, we should keep distance with this information, but our dear Tum Apisak has published a tweet detailing the specifications of that possible 16 cores and 32 AMD threads. Apparently the Twitter user has one of the first samples of engineering, one of the test chips that Intel and the red send to the assemblers and analysts to perform their tests and validations.

 Zen2 ES 16 Core
Base clock 3.3 Ghz ฺ
Boost clock 4.2 Ghz
MB X570
This CPU name can not decode by decode chart

PS (ภาพ หน้า จอ อาจ จะ อัพโหลด ให้ ใน ภายหลัง)

6:37 - 9 May 2019
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What you have here above may not correspond, then, with the final product specifications, and therefore the frequencies seem low: a base of 3.3 GHz and a boost of 4.5 GHz. It is likely that if the data is true correspond to frequency figures in all cores. As AMD has managed to not miss anything until the official presentation, it is difficult to compare estimated or even filtered specifications, but as youtuber commented AdoredTV in December last year, things would go down this line:

Ryzen 9 3850X - 16/32, from 4.3 GHz to 5.1 GHz, 135 W TDP, $ 499
Ryzen 9 3800X - 16/32, from 3.9 GHz to 4.7 GHz, 125 W TDP, $ 449
Ryzen 7 3700X - 12/24, from 4.2 GHz to 5.0 GHz, 105 W TDP, 329 $
Ryzen 7 3700 - 12/24, from 3.8 GHz to 4.6 GHz, 95 W TPD, $ 299
Ryzen 5 3600X - 8/16, from 4.0 GHz to 4.8 GHz, 95 W TDP, $ 229
Ryzen 5 3600 - 8/16, from 3.6 GHz to 4.4 GHz, 65 W TDP, $ 178
Ryzen 3 3300X - 6/12, from 3.5 GHz to 4.3 GHz, 65 W TDP, 129 $
Ryzen 3 3300 - 6/12, 3.2 GHz at 4.0 GHz, 50 W TDP, 99 $

Obviously, we must consider this information with caution, but the idea that a processor with 16 cores and 32 threads for desktop computers will come out seems quite coherent. Lisa Su came close to confirming it in an interview for PCWorld January in which she spoke of Ryzen's scalability above the eight cores.

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