TABLET XO 7-Inch Kids Tablet XO-880 (8GB)

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Full Android Tablet

The XO2 Tablet features a high-resolution screen, dual-core processor, and the latest Android operating system.

Parental Controls

Parental dashboards track usage and learning styles, allowing parents to better understand their child's development.

Educational Curriculum

Lessons draw from the top names in education, including Oxford University and Discovery Communication.


All content is available in both English and Spanish. With one tap, users can easily switch between languages.



Before the age of 12 every child can naturally learn multiple languages. To foster this ability the XO tablet comes with full content in both English and Spanish. All of the Dreams offer their apps, books, games, videos and other content in both languages with just the press of one icon.

E Book Reader

Many studies have shown that reading improves overall academic performance and learning. The XO Tablet has an e-book reader designed especially for children to foster an appreciation for the fun of learning.

Special features include the ability to look up the meaning of any word and to translate text from one language to another for non-native English speakers. All of the free e-books on the XO tablet come alive with this special e-book reader.


One of the untapped areas to improve child learning is to help parents to more actively participate and guide their children's tablet usage. The XO Tablet comes with three dashboards to help parents better understand their children's intellectual development.

One dashboard captures usage in terms of the famous Gardner Learning Styles, another shows which Dreams are the most popular and the third shows usage by type of content--apps, games, and books.


While parental controls are a requirement for any modern connected device, sometimes it is more helpful to review more detailed usage of the tablet. The XO Journal feature captures every usage by the child of the tablet, including web pages visited, apps, games, downloads and files and documents created.


Tablets are always a family device shared by children, parents and even grandparents. The XO Tablet is the perfect solution: a full-fledged Android tablet with Google Play for older users and the educational tablet with its own app store for children. Press one icon and the tablet changes to match the user. Parents set controls to limit child access to the Android version.

Parental Controls

Everyone wants children to explore the rich content of the Internet. However, we need to protect children and provide age appropriate content. The XO Tablet allows the parent to set up password protected user privileges for up to three children and to limit access to the Internet, app store purchases and talk and chat features. As the child matures these privileges can be changed.

One Laptop Per Child

The XO Tablet is a continuation of OLPC's mission to put education and learning--through connected devices--into the hands of children around the world. OLPC's proceeds from XO Tablet purchases will be used to further develop the XO Learning software, to enable region-specific enhancements and customizations and to get connected technology to a larger population of children. OLPC, as a non profit organization, donates software, tablets, and teacher training to schools with underprivileged children in the U.S. and around the world.


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TABLET XO 7-Inch Kids Tablet XO-880 (8GB)

TABLET XO 7-Inch Kids Tablet XO-880 (8GB)

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