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The new Tt ESPORTS Combo COMMANDER, offers gamers the latest improvements in the keyboard and mouse specifications of Tt eSports, allowing them to have two extremely powerful weapons in a single combo. With a new design for the keyboard that symbolizes the gamer spirit, this new combo has great features taking into account what today's gamers need to become true leaders who will take full control of the game. The COMMANDER gamer keyboard has a design that features metal corners that symbolize the powerful spirit of a true leader. It has an aesthetic with blue lighting that stands out, in addition to having Tt Type II Plunger Switch keys that have the same design as the mechanical keys, which gives the user a wonderful feel to the touch at each key press at the same time gives a response similar to that of the mechanical keys that will undoubtedly improve the user's performance due to the speed of response never experienced before. The keys of the gamer COMMANDER keyboard can be changed in case a stronger and stronger feeling is desired. Offering in this way, a fun way to personalize the telcado with metallic keys for a unique experience! The mouse gamer COMMANDER Tt eSPORTS offers the perfect speed within the game with configuration of sensitivity at the moment that can reach up to 2400 DPI and the OMRON switches that provide a clean and defined clear click with a useful life of approximately 5 million clicks. In addition, the mouse gamer COMMANDER has a design in which it has a comfortable support for the palm of the hand so you only need to concentrate on the game. A minor detail is that it has blue lighting in the logo Battle Dragon of Tt eSPORTS and on the sides giving it a formidable aesthetic while improving the gaming experience at night. This, without a doubt, will make you be the one in the game!


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