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Product description
ASUS STRIX-GTX1060-6G-GAMING - Graphics card (Strix, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, 6 GB, GDDR5, DVI, HDMI, DP), black color

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Graphic Card

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DirectCU III technology with caloductos in direct contact with the GPU
30% cooler and 3 times quieter.

The exclusive DirectCU III technology incorporates caloductos arranged in direct contact with the GPU that transport more temperature outside the GPU and offer a performance for games 30% cooler than the reference designs.
3 Wing-blade fans 0 dB
Increase airflow with 105% higher static pressure

DirectCU III incorporates three Wing-Blade 0dB fans, a patented design that increases the airflow and static pressure on the heatsink by 105%, reduces noise 3 times compared to the reference design and allows you to enjoy games in the most absolute the silences; features that position the DirectCU III graphics as the coolest and quietest on the market.
ASUS FanConnect
Additional cooling directed

When playing, it is common for the temperature of the GPU to exceed that of the CPU. Despite this, the chassis fans only monitor the temperature of the CPU, which results in insufficient cooling of the system. To solve this problem, the ROG Strix graphics include two 4-pin connectors that can be connected to the system fans.
Super Alloy Power II for 8 + 2 phases
Improved durability and efficiency

ASUS engineers have integrated high-quality components into the design of ASUS graphics cards to enhance their overall reliability. The Super Alloy Power II components significantly improve efficiency, minimize energy loss and humming at full load, and reduce the temperature by 50% compared to previous designs.
Aura RGB lighting
Style and performance

This graphic incorporates RGB Aura lighting on the cover and back plate. Enjoy a team with a unique style with millions of colors and 6 effects included.
HDMI ports for RV
Enjoy the most immersive virtual reality

The ROG Strix graphics incorporate two HDMI ports so you can connect an RV device and a screen simultaneously. Enjoy the most immersive virtual experience without the need to reconnect cables.


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