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TD-W8951ND 150Mbps is an all-in-one device that is designed to provide end users with a unique solution for acquiring and sharing high-speed Internet access over a wired / wireless network. With the Configuration Wizard included in the CD, SPI and NAT firewall, QoS engine and other advanced features, you can easily configure a protected wireless network and enjoy the enjoyable Internet browsing, file sharing, VoIP, audio and video streaming.

One-Stop Solution

As a 3-in-1 device, the TD-W8951ND combines the functions of a high-speed DSL modem, a 10-port / 4-port 100 Mbps NAT and a wireless N access point. Using a DSL enabled telephone line The TD-W8951ND could set up an ADSL2 + high-speed Internet connection. Once created, wired / wireless device functions can be used to share media files between devices, surf the Internet, talk on an IP phone, or even stream high-definition video from anywhere in your home or even the backyard. Save time and money by using a device rather than multiple devices that require more time to create and occupy more messy space.

High-speed Internet access and wireless performance

Unlike a dial-up Internet service, a DSL Internet connection is always on so that users do not have dial-up access or wait to access the web. Supporting the latest ADSL standards, the TD-W8951ND provides increased performance (up to 24Mbps downstream and 3.5Mbps upstream) and broader reach of local Internet service provider (ISP) users.

Complies with IEEE 802.11n standards, TD-W8951ND can establish a wireless network and provide better wireless performance, transmission rates, stability and coverage. You can get up to 9 times speed and 4 times the conventional 11g product range and share your high speed DSL Internet connection, photos, music, files, applications like streaming wireless HD video that can not be accommodated by 11g products, From any part of the whole of their houses or even in their backyards.

Ideal for a pleasurable Triple-play

VLAN and PVC ports are combined for differential services such as LAN-specific IPTV. The built-in QoS TD-W8951ND engine provides various QoS policies that help prioritize Internet traffic to enable streaming smooth IPTV and online games without delay. Thus, users can enjoy the benefits of a seamless network connection without worrying about traffic congestion. Combined with IGMP multicast and IGMP snooping features the TD-W8951ND makes it an ideal solution for multimedia applications.
Advanced network security and flexible management

The TD-W8951ND uses NAT and SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) that inspects the contents of incoming packets before entry is allowed, preventing potential attacks over the Internet. For convenience, it supports access control based on MAC addresses, IP addresses, domain names or applications such as MSN or Yahoo Messenger, so parents and network administrators can set restricted access policies for children or the staff. Apart from web configuration, the TD-W8951ND also provides TR-069 and SNMP, which automatically updates the device's firmware and other settings when available on ISP users. All of these users help functions to improve the security of your network and create more flexible network management.


Press the "WPS" button or enter the router PIN code into the wireless client, and a secure WPA connection will be automatically established.

Easy Setup

Either using the user interface wizard and optimized settings or the CD setup wizard (included) will allow you to get 'online' quickly and easily.


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