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A falta de Half Life 3, aficionados presentan en vídeo Boreal Alyph

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April 9th 2019
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There are several projects linked to the Half Life universe in which currently work several teams formed by fans of this great saga of Valve, and one of the most interesting answers to the name of Boreal Alyph, which we have a new video gameplay that lets you see what such is his particular version of Half-Life 3 at the moment.

Unlike other projects like Project Borealis, which are being developed with the Unreal Engine 4, Boreal Alyph is committed to improving the technology of the fantastic Half Life 2: Episode Two using as a starting point the filtered script of Half Life 3 by the great screenwriter Marc Laidlaw.

The development of this action game takes over a team formed by more than 60 fans of the Valve saga that responds to the name of Keep Away From Fire. Its intention is to take Source technology to a new level without losing the appearance that characterizes Half Life 2.

Without plans to introduce a multiplayer mode in Boreal Alyph, the team is clear that the game will debut on Steam, but has not yet specified when the launch of this title will take place inspired by the events that allegedly took place in Half Life 3.

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